Book Box: "More than Everything" & "A Piece of Me" by Beatrix Ost


Available as both the standard unsigned version, and a personally signed copy by Beatrix Ost.  For a your signed copy to be personalized, please indicate in the "Personalization" above when adding to the cart, or we will have it signed with no personalization.  Personalized signed copies cannot be returned. 

This box set contains two paperback books:

"A Piece of Me: My Childhood in Wartime Bavaria"

As a young girl growing up in the ’40s on a vast estate near Munich, Trixi Ost lives a life that is charmed by talent and privilege yet scarred by turbulent times. She enjoys the attentions of a beloved grandfather who sings her songs and holds forth in Latin, the pig and the deer she keeps as pets, and a wide freedom to roam. But everyday routine is swiftly upended as the estate becomes temporary home to an unlikely collection of people displaced by the war: distant relatives, forced laborers, Prussian royals, Polish peasants, generals, and even a few spies. One bright afternoon, a band of Easterners arrive: “The farm community gathered…staring rigidly at the approaching strangers in their desiccated floral colors, the skin of their faces gaunt and gray like dusty paper…. Who were they? Where were they coming from on this June day? Dachau, breathed the young man who led them, almost inaudibly.”

Rendered with insight, humor, and an acute visual lyricism, and sprinkled with fairy tales, rhymes, and family photographs, My Father’s House is a unique exploration of the powers of sense memory and of a little-known chapter in the history of German private life.

"More Than Everything: My Voyage with the Gods of Love"

Beatrix Ost’s memoir of her artistic awakening and early marriage opens on the heels of Germany’s recovery from the self-imposed disasters of World War II. She is part of the new generation that dances disobediently in the bombed-out villas and underground jazz caverns of Munich. Beatrix rides the dynamic decade up through the world of art, fashion, and cinema into the revolution of politics and consciousness.

Marriage to the self-made prodigy and archaeologist, Ferdinand, impresario of the Hot Club, draws her into the mystical realm of the ancient Mexican gods. Soon, two sons are born. They make an odyssey through Mexico where, under the wing of the artistic elite, their homes full of Riveras and Kahlos, the initial impression is intoxicating. But the further they press inland, the more Ferdinand loses himself in his obsession and addictions.

Ost draws us into the vortex of human craving to portray the complexities of her early marriage to a man scarred by the war, climbing the magical mountain of his own desires.

Accompanied by the author’s artwork and photographs from her private collection, Ost “…shakes free of an impossibly dark life as the wife of an alcoholic…brushes off the stardust of romance and, stepping back in the light, comes into her own.” (Barbara Epler, President, New Directions Publishing)

"Beatrix uses words like she uses paint ... with brush strokes so vivid and rich I feel as if I'm there watching as her story unfolds. I love this book!"

- Sissy Spacek


"Beatrix Ost's image are so arresting and so well chosen, and her ability to conjure moods and experiences so extraordinary, that I was constantly stupefied by her mix of poetry and clarity (two virtues that seldom coexist)...This is a book of extraordinary beauty and great poetry — really a masterpiece." 

- Andrew Solomon



" This is not a simple memoir—it is a rare story of life in Germany during the end of WWII from a child’s viewpoint. And what a view Ost spreads before her audience, painting a narrative of exquisite beauty edged with the pain of war-torn Bavarian. " 

- KE Lanning