"Cibus tropicae (Avivar/Enliven)" Limited-Edition Fine Art Print by Zuania Muñiz-Meléndez

This Print is Shipped Directly from Zuania Muñiz-Meléndez's studio in Puerto Rico

Limited Edition, Hand-Signed Fine Art Print of Zuania Muñiz-Meléndez's "Cibus tropicae (Avivar/Enliven)",  from her series "Vademécum flora vigorosa".

This print is limited to the following sizes (print image size) and editions:

  • 30 x 45 inches (limited to one)
  • 24 x 36 inches (limited to 3)
  • 18 x 27 inches (limited to 3)
  • 12 x 18 inches (limited to 3)

This print is produced directly by Zuania Muñiz-Meléndez and is hand-signed and numbered on the back.  Unframed.  Each print will have approximately an additional inch around the image to help with framing adjustments.

All of Zuania Muñiz-Meléndez's prints in this series are made by the Artist in Puerto Rico and are printed with Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl paper.  This is a 100% cotton fiber paper with a 320 gsm weight.

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About this series: "Vademecum flora vigorosa"

In this exhibition, Zuania deconstructed parts of real flowers and built a new flower by attaching the various parts together, and then photographed them. Zuania writes “What I once was, ceased to be. The abrupt changes I have experienced since the end of 2017 caused by Hurricane María and the recent pandemic have destroyed my stability, my way of doing things and the way I relate to others. It is as if life has plowed my land and sown salt in the furrows. But from that same salt that sterilized me, that destroyed me, is where a new me arises. One never seen before, imagined, dreamed. Only possible from the chaos and scarcity that drives me to innovate and grow. I am not the only one, I am accompanied by thousands of people who are reborn in a totally unexpected way. We are new flowers that emerge with more strength, ready to face the new challenges that lie ahead.” Each new flower she created has been given a name she created using botanical nomenclature, using synonyms of the word resurgence.