"Contraption", Limited-Edition Signed Fine Art Print by Dellfina Dellert

This print is Created and Shipped Directly by Dellfina Dellert from Warsaw, Poland

"Contraption", Photograph, is part of Polish Fine Artist Dellfina Dellert's series EMBODIMENTS, which consisted of three parts, created in three consecutive years:

“What you think, you become" (2010, photography)
“A true artist is a real masterpiece" (2011, photography)
"The past has no power over now" (2012, video installation). 

"Works included in this project are a manifestation of my journey through various thoughts, emotions and states of mind, after I separated from my partner in life and in art. By using “method acting” techniques and psychomagic practices created by Alejandro Jodorowsky, I have undertaken self-therapy. To bring subject, object, and act of creation into unity, to come as close as possible to the truth, I decided to use my body as a blank canvas on which I projected my thoughts and emotions, documenting at the same time my confrontation with them, and giving them new, personal meaning." - Dellfina Dellert

This work is part of "What you think, you become", 2010.  This image is produced on either a Fine Art Limited Edition Paper Print, or a Fine Art Limited Edition Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print.  Inclusive of optional format, this image will be limited to an edition of 7.

Size: 100 x 170 cm (39.4 x 66.9 inches)

Specifications: Fine Art Print on Paper (Baryta Ultra White Paper, 300gsm, no border) or Fine Art Print on Canvas (Gallery Wrapped with Black Sides 4 cm/1.6in thick.)

Each print is manufactured in Warsaw, Polland by Dellfina Dellert and comes signed (on the back), numbered, and includes a certificate of authenticity from the artist.

See her complete exhibition of EMBODIMENTS in the TOROSIETE Museum.