"Eterno Equipaje" Orange Resin, Gold & Silver Ring by Juanjo García Martín


"Eterno Equipaje (Eternal Luggage)" Orange Resin, Gold & Silver Ring by Juanjo García Martín.  This is a one of a kind fine jewelry creation hand made in Málaga, Spain.

From the artist:

"This piece is based on the idea of the passage of time in today's society, which imposes on people a series of experiences, which we do not always like or should remember.  In short, we feel like pilgrims, walking along paths and storing everything on our internal hard drives, without having the luxury to re-format and erase.  This piece supports a similar baggage to which we all endure as all mortals who, over the years, are increasingly aware that the present is the fruit of multiple past decisions of which we are responsible for."

Made from Resin tinted with Orange ink and added Newspaper clippings.  18K Gold Matte Finish with Oxidized Silver.  Bright 1.5 cm diameter Amethyst Quartz carved into a Pentagon.

Measures: Approximately Size 7.75 US Ring Size / 18 mm diameter / n-18

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