"Gevurah", Photographic Collage Diasec Print by Chana Wiesenthal Elias

This work is shipped directly from Chana's studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Since 2017 I have been working on a number of series. One, entitled " The Gatekeepers" is a visual catalogue loosely based on the Archangels of Jewish tradition who guard the rivers and gateways of Gan Eden - The Garden of Eden. This  project is based on the 49 Day Omer period that begins with the first night of Passover and the Jewish exodus from Egypt and culminates with Shavouth and receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai. According to Jewish Tradition, each day of this period corresponds to a different divine attribute; an attribute that can be internalized and perfected in mankind through intentional living. This series is ongoing - the amount of research of traditional, literary material, commentary, artwork in the public domain and creation of the visual elements that comprise each piece - ensures that production of this series will span a significant period of time. I appreciate work that develops over years/decades - work that chronicles shifts in thought and vision across time. Ultimately this series will be comprised of 72 images. One of the first Diasec prints from this project, "In the Beginning of)" was recently acquired byv the Haegeumgang Theme Museum in Geoje,Korea. 

This image, Gevurah/גבורה, concerns the notion of 'Strength' as it pertains to the formation of the Self.

Size is 35.2x50.7 inches.  Diasec Print, ready to hang. 

See her complete exhibition in the TOROSIETE Museum.