"Hand Drip" Mixed Media on Canvas - Original by Marcella Novotny

This work will be shipped directly from Marcella's studio in Genoa, Italy.

An Original Mixed Media on Canvas by Italian Artist Marcella Novotny, "Hand Drip".  70 x 50 cm (27.5 x 23.2 inches).  Signed by the artist.  Unframed. NOT Stretched.  This will ship rolled.

This work, part of her "Pandemia Hands" exhibition, was created during her lockdown in her home in Geona, Italy.  Marcella was inspired to create this collection by the COVID-19 Pandemic and chose the topic of "Hands" after all of the media frenzy over reminding people to constantly be washing their hands.  Not wanting to buy online during this time, and favoring waiting until she could purchase more art supplies from her local art shop, Marcella decided to create a series of works using only the materials she still had in her home.  This work was created using a recycled canvas with white wall paint, ash from her grill (for gray and dark colors) and natural pigments she could create from flowers in her garden..

Visit Marcella Novotny's museum exhibitions in the TOROSIETE Museum.