"Naciendo", Oil on Canvas Original Artwork by Noel Suarez

This work is shipped directly from Noel's studio in Miami, Florida. If choosing to frame this work, please note the frame will be designed upon purchase and will require additional processing time.

This original Oil on Canvas (with Acrylic Gesso Underpainting) is 48" x 36", "Naciendo", 2004 from Cuban artist Noel Suarez.  Signed on the front.  This work's price includes framing.  It is available unframed and also framed at Noel Suarez's studio.  Exact frame not shown.  Approximate framed size is 54 x 42 inches. Noel will choose a frame to suit the original work.  Noel personally chooses the perfect frame for each piece to best highlight it's unique style and add value to the work. If you would like to have this piece framed yourself, you can also purchase this original un-framed (contact us).

"My 2004 Miami One Man Show on was all inspired by my love for Classical Art. For this vernissage I created all the paintings paying closer attention to all technical and artistic details of the Classical Masters while keeping me and my already known style present. “Naciendo” is by far the one that represents and express the presence and importance that religion had in Classical Art. Growing up Catholic going to church was about the paintings, sculptures and specially the crucifixes. To me crucifixes are the most amazing works of art which it is why I collect them. There are so many of them and lots of them are truly masterpieces of amazing
details and artistry. In “Naciendo” I wanted to turn the negativity and sadness of one of life and history's most horrible moments in to a positive and beautiful experience. We all come in to this world with our own cross to carry, it is how we carry it and handle that makes the difference."

- Noel Suarez

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