"Secessions VIII", Limited Edition Enhanced Hand-Signed Fine Art Print by Noel Suarez

This Print is Created by TOROSIETE and shipped from Noel Suarez's Studio after his signature (and custom framing if purchased.)

About this work:

“The interest of creating a collection inspired by Art Nouveau has always been present. After several years of researching the movement and their amazing artists, I was able to create a collection that while it pays tribute to the style and its Master "Gustav Klimt", it also reflects my artistry. Lots of research went into finding the name as well. "Secessions" was the name of the art movement formed in 1897 by the top Austrian Artists before the term Art Nouveau was established, and its first president was Gustav Klimt. The amount of detail work and intensity that went into this collection made this my most time consuming project ever, but totally worth it”.

About this print:

Limited Edition Hand-Retouched, Fine Art Print, personally signed and embossed by Noel Suarez of "Secessions VIII".  This print has been meticulously reproduced from the original work in high definition.  This is Limited Series maximum of 58 Editions will be created.  Each print is created specifically for you and then hand retouched with metallic acrylics, glazed with oil medium and signed, embossed and approved by Noel Suarez.  Certificate of Authenticity included. Please allow 3 weeks for production and delivery for the Unframed print.  Also available professionally framed by Noel Suarez's studio.  Please allow 4-5 weeks for production, and framing of Framed print.  If purchased framed, Noel will select a superior frame that best suits the work (Artists Choice) and will oversee its framing to his specifications.  This is an excellent opportunity to have the work professionally custom-framed at a very reasonable cost.

This print's paper size is 29 x 21 inches, and the image is within an approximately 2" border (Image Size 25 x 17 inches).

This Fine Art Prints is on Belgian Linen - White Finish Canvas.  Archival certified, Belgian Linen™ is a unique European textile which is woven in Belgium by members of the Masters of Linen Club. It has be prized for thousands of years for the high quality, softness, and durability it offers. It naturally has a rich color absorption and is lint-free and hypoallergenic. This is why Belgian Linen™ is widely known as the world's finest linen available, and features:

  • 18 mil thickness
  • Paper weight of 425gsm
  • Printed using Pigment Inks rated for over 200 years of print integrity.

This Fine Art Print is from Noel Suarez's collection "Consequentially Noel"  See his complete exhibition in the TOROSIETE Museum.