"The Lady in the Melancholic Multiverse", Original Oil on Canvas by Renata Santamarina

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An Original Oil on Canvas by Renata Santamarina, "The Lady in the Melancholic Multiverse".  90 x 90 cm (Approximately 35.43 inches).  Signed by the artist.   Visit Renata's complete gallery at the TOROSIETE Museum

The multiverse is a quantum concept.  Every time an observer influences the particles new paths are born and the other options coexist as parallel universes.  In this work, we see seven little dolls.  The black and white ones represent the parallel universes that she didn't choose or observe and the blue one is special because it represents the reality she is choosing to experience.  This one also doesn't have the heart in her chest anymore.  She is giving it out to her observer (possibly as a tribute or a gift).

The lady is picking out this particular doll not only by looking at her, but there is also a white line connecting both of them that comes out of her left ear.

This is a metaphor that suggests that people are capable of seeing different universes at the same time - making us way more closer to magic than you would expect.

Each doll is standing on different color ribbons, they all have the texture of the alchemic floor.