"The Offering", Oil on Canvas Original Artwork by Noel Suarez

This work is shipped directly from Noel's studio in Miami, Florida. If choosing to frame this work, please note the frame will be designed upon purchase and will require additional processing time.

This original Oil on Canvas is 48" x 36", "The Offering", 2004 from Cuban artist Noel Suarez.  Signed on the front.  This work's price includes framing.  It is available unframed and also framed at Noel Suarez's studio.  Exact frame not shown.  Approximate framed size is 56 x 44 inches. Noel will choose a frame to suit the original work.  Noel personally chooses the perfect frame for each piece to best highlight it's unique style and add value to the work. If you would like to have this piece framed yourself, you can also purchase this original un-framed (contact us).

“In one of my visits to Casablanca walking through the City’s Old Medina, as I turned a corner and passed under an arch connecting on to a long tunnel like hallway, a woman was standing under it extending her arm going on to her usual begging for change position. Once I passed her it was hard not to look back, she was so beautiful and although she was the typical Old Medina beggar, the way she was standing there under that arch wrapped on typical Moroccan fabrics, created the perfect moment, the perfect visual. The colors were ideal since late afternoon was arriving and the lighting was amazing. All was being affected by the perfect shade of amber, that dark yellow shade that takes place before sunset. I couldn’t stop turning around and keep looking at this perfect composition as I was walking away through this arched hallway. As soon as I got to the hotel I sketched this painting but I knew I didn’t wanted to call it the beggar, so immediately I realized that the actual beggar offered me and amazingly beautiful inspiration, therefore “The Offering”."

- Noel Suarez

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