"Three Truths", EP Digital Music Download by Red Flower Lake

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1) Heart is Breaking (3:06)

2) Baby Don't Go (2:58)

3) Brave (3:43)

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For us, creating music is as essential as love.

We like to do things from the heart. Sometimes we are spontaneous. Sometimes we are calculated. Always we are from the heart.

We continually discover ourselves through our musical endeavors.
space and no space, good and evil, life and death, love and fear, light and dark, dreams and nightmares, there is no place we wouldn’t venture to in order to form the song that will satisfy the creative urge and become something we love.

Each of our songs is a possibility to find, connect, and express ourselves. A possibility of finding some bit of truth.
Our message in a bottle.
Through our music, we find more deeply what matters to us. And we might make a song about that too...

Our work in this life is to live in the frequency of love and to hopefully inspire other people to do the same. Through music, through art, through living a life of integrity and intention we work to fall in love more deeply into feeling good, trusting that we are all being supported by the LOVE VIBRATION.

In our biggest dream, the tapestry/ globe/ web that weaves our lives together is woven in such a way that each of us is honored for our unique and essential gifts.

We invite you to dream with us!
released September 3, 2020

Music and Lyrics Written by Red Flower Lake
all rights reserved