"Urban Metamorphosis", Mixed Media on Paper Original Artwork by Noel Suarez

This work is shipped directly from Noel's studio in Miami, Florida. If choosing to frame this work, please note the frame will be designed upon purchase and will require additional processing time.

This original Mixed Media on Paper (Graphite, Oil and Metallic Acrylics on Arches Paper) is 30" x 22", "Urban Metamorphosis", 2020 from Cuban artist Noel Suarez.  Signed on the front.  This work's price includes framing.  It is available unframed and also framed at Noel Suarez's studio.  Exact frame not shown.  Approximate framed size is 36 x 28 inches. Noel will choose a frame to suit the original work.  Noel personally chooses the perfect frame for each piece to best highlight it's unique style and add value to the work. If you would like to have this piece framed yourself, you can also purchase this original un-framed (contact us).

“This is my first 2020 painting completed in February. It depicts very clearly my passion for Cubism, the Human Figure, and Movement. As a city person growing up in Havana and living and traveling my entire life in big cities, the urbanism and the intensity of a hectic city is always with us. At times is really hard to define the separation between city and person, I feel that they become one. This thought is what prompt me to create this painting, a composition of buildings with a man that becomes part of the city structure, or is it the other way around? The human life within the urban environment and the constant everyday connection that at times is impossible to separate. This subject matter allowed me to go far with the intensity of the structure and an important element of my work, figurative cubism which in this painting I took it to the stream.”

- Noel Suarez

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